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in 63654 Büdingen, Hesse (DE)

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Büdingen, one of the best preserved medieval towns in Germany, is a great tourist attraction and provides the visitor with an unforgettable experience.

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Tourist-Information Büdingen
Marktplatz 9
63654 Büdingen , Germany

Tel.: 0604296370
Fax: 06042963710


The medieval town Büdingen still enclosed by high walls and therefore strongly knittered together. Büdingen in Oberhessen is situated 45 Km northeast of Frankfurt. All, who intend to delve into Büdingen’s history will have an amazing time. There are so many sites to explore and every single one has its own story to tell. Narrow, interwoven alleys, pictueresque gables, fortifications, towers and charmingbays provide a fascinating perception, a feeling, for the way the town was generati-ons ago.A Marburg University professor, speaking about Büdingen, put it so succinctly: – itappears the way „one imagines a medieval town, still enclosed by high walls and the-refore strongly knitted together ... Büdingen remains the „Late Gothic“town and as such should be viewed in its entirety as a „Work of Art".
We offer various guided tours to giveyou an overall perspective of the town’shistory and heritage, visits to historicdwellings and a form of street theatre,where lay-actors perform sketches andscenes of times past.


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Regions: Frankfurt Main region (Hesse, DE)

Languages spoken: German, English

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  • Hotels/ pensions
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  • Guided city tour
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  • Guided museum tour
  • Congress and conference service
  • Excursions in the surrounding
  • Events
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  • Active holidays (hiking etc.)




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