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in 65185 Wiesbaden, Hesse (DE)

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The Nassau Society of Natural Sciences and the museum were both founded 1829 and belonged together. Administration was in the hands of the gouvernment of the duchy of Nassau, represented by a high official, whereas the organisation of the museum was let to the society, whose president held the official title of "Secretary and Inspector of the Museum".

Groups  from  10  to  30  persons
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Museum Wiesbaden, Collection of Science
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2
65185 Wiesbaden , Germany

Tel.: 06113352178
Fax: 06113352192


The Department of Natural History Collections offers a permanent exhibition over an area of 800 square meters. There is a hall with geological, mineralogical and palaeontological exhibits on the ground floor. The animals of the great climatic areas (bioma) are exhibited on the second floor (tropical forest, savannah, deser and arctic areas) and the animals of central Europe are presented in the first floor.

The department of the Natural Science Collections regularly offers guided tours, especially presenting the treasures of our store-rooms. On some Sundays guided tours especially for children are offered.


Museum/ exhibition
Regions: Rheingau (Hesse, DE)

Groups  from  10  to  30  persons

Languages spoken: German

  • Suitable for coach groups
  • Possible exit / door in direct proximity


    closed monday, new years eve, on tuesday after easter and pentecost


    Museum Wiesbaden, Collection of Science

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